Why Outsourcing Your Meeting Hassles Makes Sense

Meetings are Important.     2nd Secretary does just this one thing, does it well, and is constantly working on improving the experience for attendees.

Excellent Value.    2nd Secretary can run AND minute your Board and Annual Meetings for less than what you currently have budgeted for a stenographer and room rental.

Correctness.    The Board President, Board Secretary, and Property Manager need to be fully present during the meeting, paying close attention to the substance of the meeting. Giving 2nd Secretary responsibility for the meeting’s mechanics makes that possible.

Permanence.     If you are reliant upon a volunteer, and they are not available, what does that do your ability to meet?

Minimal Burden, Maximum Inclusivity.     Our solution places no burdens on anyone. In contrast, your DIY solutions almost certain involve extra work and, if they are webcam based, almost certainly exclude many members of your community.

Scope.     Our solution can work for ANY of your meeting needs – including your Annual Meeting.

Minutes.     Did we mention that we’ll do the minutes as well?

Overall Better Experience..     Don’t take our word for it. Here are some quotes from Board Members after their first 2nd Secretary meeting.

“Nice job, very professional. I attended another Annual Meeting via Zoom, and it was very irritating.”

“That was the most productive board meeting we've ever had.”

“The telephone is simpler and more secure than the online approach. I consider your service to be a good value when compared to alternatives. It meets our needs. Overall, to me, the meeting went well.”

“A great job under challenging circumstances.”

“Having a moderator made it better. Kept it more organized. Sound Quality was good. I approve of keeping everyone on mute until recognized. It keeps people from talking over one another without realizing it.  It was very organized and not all over the place.”

“I feel it went very well with the mute. Like it!”

“Keeping people on mute by default helps with hearing and not having people talk over one another.”

“That meeting was just right.”

“We tried doing an Owners' Forum via webcam and was long and super inefficient. The way you did it was so much better - I think we did twice as many Owners in half the time.”

“What a relief, I hate having to use my webcam.”