Meeting Mechanics

Attendees join the meeting from their phone, either mobile or landline. The Moderator checks everyone in personally, which enables speakers to be identified by name and also helps the Moderator correctly understand the role each attendee is permitted.

Most attendees are kept on mute by default. This results in better call quality, as it eliminates the background noise at the callers’ locations.

When someone wishes to speak, they signal the Moderator using the keys on their phone. After the current Speaker, or the Board President, indicates that it is time to hear comments and questions on the matter at hand, the Moderator will call on those who have “raised their hands” one-by-one, announcing their name so that everyone else on the call will know who is speaking at any given time.

A scrolling meeting packet can be displayed for the benefit of those attendees that are near their computer. But that is just an optional extra. The core idea is that everyone is able to attend and participate fully by phone, with no stress or annoyances.