Meeting Basics

You can’t teach everyone in your Community how their webcams work, and it is not a good use of your Board’s time to have chunks of every meeting taken up by tech issues. That’s why 2nd Secretary uses moderated conference calls. Everyone already knows how to use a phone!

Our solution guarantees that one is excluded from participation at the appropriate level. It is alsoflexible in scope. You might have a small committee that is happy to meet for half a hour by Zoom. But that cannot be scaled up to accommodate a two-hour Annual Meeeting with 200 attendees.

Our platform is flexible enough for any kind of meeting your HOA might need. We can also quickly and easily change scenarios within a meeting. For example, a Board Meeting in an Open Meeting state could move from an a forum where owners can speak one-by-one, to a closed and locked executive session and then back to the regular session with the owners attending in observe-only mode, or able to request permission to speak, depending up on the state laws and the Board’s preferences.